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Our COVID-19 Response

April 16, 2020

To all Live Life Music patrons, supporters, and affiliates,

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has affected people and communities all around the world, and Oklahoma has been no exception. We believe, and have always believed, in the safety and wellbeing of our officers, members, and supporters, and while we are only a small organization, composed of young students, we strive to do our part during these unpredictable times.

Live Life Music’s mission is “to serve and nurture the fine arts in underprivileged communities
of Oklahoma through music-related initiatives”, and since the very beginning I’ve sought to use Live Life Music to serve those who needed it the most in our own special way—through our love of music. And now more than ever before, during these unpredictable circumstances, we must serve.

What We’ve Done
Because of the infectivity of COVID-19, the CDC has strongly advised against large gatherings. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Classical Benefit Concert that was planned for this summer. Our members also now meet virtually rather than in-person.

How We Want to Serve
While we may lack the size, resources, and influence to significantly aid the global pandemic
response, we still believe that we can help, particularly for those who feel anxious, lonely,
depressed, or upset during these times of social distancing. We believe that through music, we can create a sense of optimism, happiness, and bonding within our community, so we’ve
redirected the focus of our social media platforms to create a virtual environment that will
spread positivity and belonging. In addition, we have created several strategies to fundraise for the global relief and will be executing them soon.
Many other plans are in the works, and we will continue to update you all.

Looking Forward
We are all indebted to those currently on the front lines of this battle—doctors, nurses, first
responders, researchers, and all others who are working tirelessly for our health. We cannot
thank you enough.
While there is no certain answer to when this will all be over, I have unwavering faith in the
power of Live Life Music, of our communities, and of music to allow us all to overcome the


Joshua Zhu, CEO

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