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Email Template For Writing To Major Orchestras

Please feel free to highlight, copy, paste, and edit the template below to help you get started!

Subject: Please show your support and address my concerns!


To the administration of [ORCHESTRA NAME],


My name is [YOUR NAME], and I am from [CITY/STATE]. I am writing to request that you show your support for the Black Lives Matter movement and to lead the classical music industry against racial bias and underrepresentation.


Classical music is one of the oldest, most respected forms of music there is, and it has the unique ability to transcend the written and spoken language, affecting people of all ages, demographics, and in all stages of life. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most inaccessible. It is expensive to pay for an instrument and for lessons, and the conservative biases are nothing short of pervasive.


The effect is clear. Minorities make up under 15% of musicians, and when you don’t include Asian musicians, the number drops to under 5%. 80% of conductors are white, while only about 3.6% are African American. I hope that you recognize this blatant lack of diversity and publicly take action with the following steps:


Normalize the inclusion of classical music composed by minorities, rather than only through dedicated events and concerts.


During the audition process, keep the screen up during ALL phases of the audition process to eliminate the potential for implicit racial bias.


Publicly advocate for the importance of diversity and representation and encourage other orchestras to join you.


Set up programs to foster youth music education in underprivileged areas.


I hope that you will speak out against the inequality in music and the fine arts and work to create an environment where ALL people have an equal opportunity to participate in classical music. Otherwise, the cycle of white supremacy in classical music will continue.




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